Arabic / English Keyboard

LEDs for Number Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock

Laser marked keycaps... consistent, high quality, easy-to-read legends with superior durability

Large Backspace key for easy corrections

Special concealed channel for left, right or center exit

12 function keys

Modern Design Membrane Keyboard

Arabic / English Keyboard

Two Windows Logo Keys for quick access to Windows 95 Application Key for Pop-up context menus within working applications Artabic Keyboard Retractable legs adjust for maximum comfort

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The "Right Touch" for compatibility.
The new NMB Right Touch keyboard for Windows has a 25% smaller footprint than a full size keyboard, complementing modern enclosure designs and smaller office work areas. With the addition of three new keys for increased functionality with Windows operating system, the user will have all direct applications access at their fingertips.

The RT-2200W keyboard operates with any DOS, Windows and compatible system. As a result of advanced electronic engineering and compatibility testing, certification by Novell NetWare and Microsoft Compatibility Labs has been awarded.

NMB keyboards are assembled in a modern automated keyboard factory specifically designed and built for high volume, high quality, competitively priced keyboards. NMB's leadership in the worldwide keyboard industry is due to this capacity as well as to 25 years of keyboard experience and to outstanding domestic engineering support and customer service.

Arabic Keyboard_membrane_key
Membrane Keyboard keyswitch.
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  • Modern Design with Single Color Keycaps
  • Ultra Silent Membrane Keyswitch
  • Full Size Keyboard in 25% Less Desk Space
  • Two additional Windows logo keys allow the user to quickly access the Windows Operating system.
  • Additional application key allows the user to access pop-up context menus within working applications.
  • Large Backspace Key for Easy Correction
  • Industry Standard Layout
  • Laser Etched Keycaps Offer Long Lasting Durability
  • Full travel membrane keyswitches rated at 10 million cycles of trouble-free operation.
  • Full compatibility with 286 or higher processor.
  • Full compatibility with NetWare, DOS and Windows 3.x.
  • IBM AT/PS-2 compatibility regular DIN or optional mini-DIN connector.
  • Convenient RMA process.
  • European model available ...105 key industry standard (not pictured).

Modern Design Membrane Keyboard Specifications

Arabic Keyboard


    Auto Repeat
    This function is controlled by the host system with the following default values. When a key is held down, the keyboard will continuously output 10.9 characters per second after a delay of 0.5 seconds.

    Locking Functions
    LED's located on the enclosure indicate the status of Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock Keys. The LED indicators are controlled by the host system.

    The keyboard will buffer up to 16 bytes when the system is unable to receive scan codes from the keyboard. The keystrokes are stored in a first-in-first-out (FIFO) buffer.

    Input-Output Data Logic Level
    Data input and output is standard TTL level.


    Input Voltage
    4.75 to 5.25 VDC.

    Input Current
    250 milliamperes maximum.


    Enclosure Material
    Injection Molded Thermoplastics.

    Keycap Material
    UL flammability rating 94 HB.

    Enclosure Color
    Pearl White equivalent to Borg Warner color T22061.

    Keycap Colors
    Pearl White equivalent to Borg Warner color T22061.


    Operating: +32F to +131F (0C to +55C)
    Storage: -40F to +149F (-40C to +65C)

    Relative Humidity
    0 to 95 percent.

    Electromagnetic Compatibility
    The keyboard is designed and manufactured to comply with Class B limits, Part 15 of FCC rules for computing device peripherals.

    Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)
    The level of ESD protection is dependent on the grounding of the host system. In most cases the RT keyboard features 15 KV protection without catastrophic failure and 10 KV protection without any soft errors. Conforms to IEC 801-2 specifications.

    Agency Approval
    Keyboard is approved by FCC, UL, CSA, TUV, ISO and CE.



    Contact Material
    Mylar with silver-carbon overlay.

    Keyswitch Travel
    0.140 0.020 inch (3.56 0.5 mm)

    Travel to Make
    0.090 0.020 inch (2.29 0.5 mm)

    Operating Force
    Momentary Action: 2.0 oz. nominal (55 grams)

    Feel - Tactile.

    Life - Meets or exceeds 10 million cycles.

Specifications Subject to Change Without Notice. "Right Touch" is a trademark of NMB Technologies Inc.

All other brand or product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders.

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